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2018 Focus Card

Price is £18 plus postage and packing

Your Bespoke Focus Card includes:

1. Your Core Colour Traits
2. Your Key Skillset and Colour
3. Your Focus / Recommendations for 2018 including practical suggestions and Colours to help you thrive throughout the year.
4. BONUS: Superpower Statement for 2018

Important: please provide your date of birth in the business comments section at checkout.

Activate 2018

Activate 2018 with this amazing 2 session offer (worth £550!) with the following:
ONLY 4 AVAILABLE - now only 2 remaining!

Session 1 - 90mins session
Review your 2017 and your current Life Story - How can you have more of what you want? How can you tap into your natural skillset without it being hard? What's held you back in 2017, and how you can let go of it?

You'll get a 2018 Life Map covering your specific area of interest based specifically on the 2018 Colours (skills / career / health / wealth / relationships)

2018 is all about Orange, so there will be focus on letting go, travel, humour, movement and feeling our emotions and creativity. We will focus on what this means for you, based on YOUR Colours and Life Map.

You will discover where you may be feeling stuck, what you would benefit from letting go of, and what can propel you forward in 2018.

(BONUS: receive a full hand-written, bespoke Colour Story of your life, your core traits, skillset, learning and growth options, and where you may be holding yourself back - value £250)

Session 2 - 90mins session
Choosing your focus area for 2018, and how you will take clear action to activate and achieve your specific desires.

Colour Story - One Day Intensive

You have had been through the Colour Story experience and really connected with it.

You know you want to dive deeper and spend time on yourself.

You need some guidance on how to become unstuck, declutter physically, mentally and emotionally and yet don't know how.

You know it's time to step out of your funk and move forward because it's a Red year! It's time for moving forward and focus in a grounded way. It's your time!

You know that you want do some work so you feel good about yourself both inside and out.

Then this One Day Intensive is for you.

You will:

- Have my one on one time for a full day of coaching in diving into what you want to create more space and freedom for.
- Explore your skillset and superpowers and ways in which you can unlock them further.
- Decide what is most important for you for the day and going forward
- Spend time decluttering your wardrobe (physical detox)
- Spend time decluttering mentally and emotionally (with my deep de-clutter tool)

What you will get from this One Day Intensive:
- Space and clarity on what happens next for you
- See what it takes to feel good about yourself inside and out
- Feel lighter in yourself
- Open up to your natural superpowers and go after what you really want